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go shopping 基本翻译 去买东西 网络释义 go shopping:去购物 | 购物 | 买东西

go shopping是go + v.ing的结构,这里的shop做动词,是购物的意思 如果用不定时go to shop,这里的shop可能是动词也可能是名词,如果是动词,那么可以视为二者相同;如果是名词,那么就成了“去商店”的意思,去商店不一定是去购物,也有可能是去见人等等,所以为了避免误会,最好使用go shopping.

go shopping 英[u p] 美[o p] 去买东西

第二种表达是正确的.go shopping是固定词组,“去购物”的意思,另外说 go to shop也可以, go 是谓语动词,to shop表示自己的目的,是目的状语.个人观点,要么表达为:i am going shopping,要么是 i am going to shop.同上一道题一个道理,go 是短暂性动词,仍然用进行时表将来.【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!


go shopping 英[u p] 美[o p] [词典] 去买东西; [例句]I remarked that I would go shopping that afternoon我说过我那天下午要去购物.

去买东西 [例句] " Seems like she uses all her sick days to go shopping ."“她好像请病假去逛街了.”

yesterday was a holiday. i went to sogo department store with my friends. first, we went to the bookshop. it had a lot of books such as history books, kung-fu novels, and comic books. i bought two science fiction books because they are my favorite

today is sunny. i go shopping with my friends. we went to shopping mall. we go to see many t-shirt. they are colorful and beautiful. after that wewent to have lunch. at last we buy a black t-shirt,a bag and socks. today,weare happy! 今天是阳光明媚的

Today, i had a good time with my friends. we've went shopping the whole day.The first stop is ****part. At there, i bought a beautiful skirts.

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