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He never looked forward to travel to New Zealand. I am looking forward to see my grandfather. Don’t always look forward to seeing thatmovie star. He has been looking forward to buying a newbike.

look forward to+名词 1. I look forward to your guidance. 我期待获得你们的指导。 2. Look forward to your reply. 期待你的回信。 look forward to+动词ing 3. I look forward to playing with you again. 我期待下次再和你玩。 4. I look f...

look forward to期望/盼 I look forward to meeting you at the airport.我期望能在机场见到你。 stick to stick to 1.粘(贴)在…上,附着于: Dust could stick to the clothing easily. 灰尘很容易附着在衣服上. 2.不移开,不偏离,不离题: The ...

They looked forward to visiting the Forbidden City this summer vacation,but the plan were put off at last. --------------------------------------------- 纯手打,望采纳!

2.I'm looking forward to seeing her again. 3.I'm not looking forward to going to the dentist. 4. She is looking forward to leaving school. 5. I'm looking forward to playing tennis.

This song reminded me of my happy childhood. You ought to make a thorough plan for your future. Trust me. I won't tell a lie. A hardworking girl she is, she will realise her dream before long. We gave some money to the guy in r...

You must pay attention to protecting the environment.你要注意保护环境。 I'm looking forword to going to Paris with you. 我期待着和你一起去巴黎。

I am looking forward to getting your 15 gold coins。 Have you applied to any other companies? Do you have any other questions? 你还有别的问题吗? You make me anwer your questions. Answering your questions makes me happy.


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