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用途 英文

the usage of...

Please tell me something about the product use. or Please tell me something about the usages of the product.

(1) a purpose; (2) a use 呵呵

有很多用途 There are a lot of use 有很多用途 There are a lot of use

、英语(论坛)是当今世界上主要的国际通用语言 从全世界来看,说英语的人数已经超过了任何语言的人数,10多个国家以英语为母语,45个国家的官方语言是英语,世界三分之一的人口(二十几亿)讲英语。比如在日本,除了他们的本国母语——日语之外,英...

用途与特点 [网络] USE AND CHARACTERISTICS; [例句]简述了单相串励电动机的用途、性能与结构特点。 A uses and characteristics of performance and structure to single-phase series excitation motor is presented in this paper.

这个产品用于什么用途 What are the applications of this product? What purpose does this product apply to ? What are the functions of this product?

用处,用途 Use, use

on 介词on表示时间、地点、方位等. (1)on表示时间,用于星期、日期(包括该天的各部分).如:on Sunday/Sundays,on Monday morning/afternoon/evening等. on也用于某一日的名词前,用于公共节假日前.如: On New Year's Day 在元旦,on Childr...

From a social point of view, books has the following four basic functions: cultural heritage, public opinion direction, information dissemination, and leisure entertainment function. 1, cultural inheritance function, books, mak...


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