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1,到了那里,别忘了给我们写信.(forget)Don't forget to write to us when you arrive there. 2,我们学校的足球队由24名成员组成.(consist of)The football team of our school consists of 24 members. 3,我认为这本书值得一读.(worth)I think this

1, they insist to go to karaoke. 2, this lecture lasts for 3 hours. 3, taking too much sugar can lead to healthy problems. 4, Alex's real problem is lack of confidence. 5, there's a bridge on the island joining the mainland. 6, to me ,that they should all be

1.There are lots of tourists coming to Venice in search of the cluture every year.2.Who will win the game finally remains to be seen.3.It's a wonder that he continues to gamble when he always loses!4.They decide to break up cooperative relationship供参考

The 皇室的(这个词忘了,抱歉) family is alike with normol families.They also have disagreements.Sometimes,they even quarrel with each other.

Do inform him to arrive at the airport half an hour earlier before the plane take off for fear miss the plane.

The reviewers think highly of his works.

2 In order to celebrate my cousin's wedding, my aunt and uncle scheduled a party 3. Karl Marx about communism is part of the work at the British library finish. There are massive collection of books 4The museum of ancient TaoHu with its bright-

1. I can't stand others' smoking around during dinner. 2. People who are overweight are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. 3. I find it helpful for teenagers to be voluntary workers. 4. He likes painting as well as taking photos.


1 we are no allowed to eat things in the classroom. 2. He pretended to sleep when we went into the room. 3 Have you considered to buy a new car? 4 Your opinion can not affect my decision.


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