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英国吧 英语比较正统 美国一般都是美式的英语 澳大利亚的英语很奇怪的 不好

想去美国,因为现在世界格局出现处于紧张的状态,国家的崛起到一定程度上以后,会在经济上会声称很大的包袱.可利用能源已经满足不了多数国家的供给之后就会产生弱肉强食的局面.你要想过的太平又想长久,那么一定要站在巨人的肩膀上,这是从安全问题上说的. 从文化背景和自然环境上来说美国这个国家都在世界上都可以名列前茅

France is my most mecca, there's a towering the Eiffel Tower, magnificent grandeur of Notre Dame DE Paris, charming small town, beautiful streets In my opinion, all of France, like a fine oil painting, flawless.Came to France, the Eiffel Tower is

Choose the places you want to visit选择旅游的目的地Different people might choose to visit different places due to their different places of birth,family conditions,relevant experiences,and even different levels of education.People who were born in

天涯海角--海南的三亚,是一个让人容易爱上的小岛,因为它的宁静、阳光、沙滩、海水,还有宜人的空气、一切似乎与季节无关,依然似婀娜苍翠的椰树,天然的温泉和热带雨林,还有那迷人的大海…… Tianyahaijiao - sanya in hainan

Traveling to England Whenever a college student is asked, "What are you going to do this summer vacation?" The most probable answer might be "I am going to have a travel. " It sounds that college students are fond of travelling. Why?

I will go to Hainan this summer holiday.As I've never been there before, and my freinds also recommend it to me.I will travel with my parents and stay there for a week. We will take a plane there, as it is the fastest way. We will go to the beach to enjoy

The Culture of the United States is a Western culture, and has been developing since long before the United States became a country. Today the United States is a diverse and multi-cultural nation.The types of food served at home vary greatly and


I like Singapore very much.because Singapore is near the equator meanwhile the weather is too fine,besides that it is the most cleanest country.Moreover it's fashionable to go to Singapore for your holidays.


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