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I like reading.I love reading.I like to read.I love to read.Reading is my preference.

reading outside class as we all know, reading has a lot of benefit. it can open up our eyes because books are full of knowledge, and it makes us wiser and richer in life. i like reading newspapers and magazines, from which i get lots of fun and learn

I enjoy reading, but I don't want to do tonight.

句式:sb like doing sth 他喜欢读书:he likes reading 因为在这里like与reading连用做动词,所以是like加s 如果like解释为像,就不能加s,因为那时是作介词 如果没有like,read作动词就要在read后加s, 如 他每天都看报纸:he reads newspaper everyday.

我喜欢读书的原因有很多There are many reasons why I like reading

你好!it我喜欢看书所以我的书架里有很多书、she英语里第三人称有he.I like reading so I have a lot of books in the bookcase如有疑问,请追问.

第一天:the newspaper 报 纸 nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value everybody should read it. it supplies us with a variety of news every day. it tells us the political situation of the world. if we form the habit of reading the newspaper,

I like reading. I can learn a lot from books.

回答和翻译如下:所以,我喜欢读书.So, I like reading.

I like reading, because I can learn more about the world.我喜欢读书,因为我可以更多的了解世界

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