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1.an operation room; a surgery; an operating room; an operating-theatre 除了这些还能有什么啊

手术室: 1. theater 2. operating room (OR) 3. surgery 4. operating theatre 5. operating theater 6. theatre Examples: 1. 我们给自己建了一间新的外科手术室。 We built ourselves a new surgery. 2. 这个病人被送进了手术室。 The patient...

SURGERY--手术;surgical blade --手术刀;operating-table--手术台;OR(OPERATING ROOM)--手术室

翻译如下: 手术室里做手术 The surgery was done in the operation room. 必须被动句。

你好! 手术室护士 Operating room nurses

你好。手术室护士职责 翻译成英语是:Responsibilities of nurses in operation room。 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

手术室质控中心 Operation room quality control center 手术室质控中心 Operation room quality control center

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