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dear editor, very glad to write to you! i am a high school student. since you are the expert in psychology, i feel you could be helpful for the problems i am faced now. my study was good but now i feel the science subjects are very difficult to learn.

“On Maintaining Trust” Future trends in computer science is one of the artificial intelligence,It is the research and artificial simulation of human thought and eventually be able to

If I have superpower, I want to leave the earth, live on the Mars or some other place far awary from this crowded place, cause I am tired of everything here.

My dear friend,I want to say thanks to you.It is you who always help me when I was upset.I will never forget the days that you speat with me.When I was really upset ,beause of the agure with my mother

how is it going? i have an important thing to talk with you. there will be an art festival in our schook next month. we expect you'll come and give the students a speech. the content of the speech is about the evolution/development of the art of painting

The question whether the age of retirement should be raised is always printed on the newspaper.You may be neglect it today, but you will meet this question when you retired.If the age of retirement is

好吧. 翻译为: 一整天(如果是all days就是每天了) 我只是自己待在家里 我独自使用自己的时间(引申为 我独自一人生活) 我只有孤独先生作伴 这是我真正想要的生活吗? 每个人都需要一个肩膀(引申为 每个人都需要一个依靠) 每个人都会哭 每个人都想要逃避 每个人都有弱点 有时我只是想远离枯燥的生活 有时我无法抗拒现实 当世界不需要我时 我无事可做 待在一个角落 谁会来给我一只手(引申为 谁会来拯救我) 有时我只是需要别人的关心 我不能独自忍受寒冷的空气(引申为 我不能独自忍受一个人的世界) 写得也太苦了吧.. 望采纳

Before Christmas:My parents:go shopping,buy fresh food and drink,clean the houseBrother:come back,gifts for usI:write and send cardsOn ChristmasEve:Parent:spend time cookingBrother:stay with us,talk a

A:Hey, did u ever buy things from internet?B: No, but many of my friends often do online shopping.A:Yes, many people buying things from online due to their busy life style.B: Don't u think online shop


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