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你好 很高兴回答你的问题 翻译为:价值 The value of [经] value cost worth 望采纳 谢谢

价值jià zhí{经} (体现在商品里的社会必要劳动) value:保险价值 insurance price存货价值 inventory price交换价值 exchange value经济价值 economic value票面价值 face value商业价值 commercial value申报价值 declared value剩余价值 surplus

价值连城 基本翻译 invaluable

价值 [jià zhí] 翻译: Worth count for importance merit purchase value worth worthiness 1.{经} (体现在商品里的社会必要劳动) value insurance price保险价值 2.(值多少钱) cost; be worth This precision instrument is worth 10,000 yuan.这台精密仪器价值一万元. 3.(积极作用) worth; value completely worthless毫无价值

value in use n. 使用价值;利用价值 useful ['ju:sful] adj. 有用的,有益的;有帮助的 [ 比较级more useful 最高级most useful ] 例句1.the value in use and result in an impairment charge being recognised in the Income Statement.使用中的价值和造成的损害负责在损益表确认.望采纳 谢谢

worth value

一千一百五十元用英语表示为one thousand one hundred and fifty yuan;一万一千一百五十元用英语表示为eleven thousand one hundred and fifty yuan;十万一千一百五十元用英语表示为one hundred and one thousand and one hundred and fifty yuan;需要注意的一点是,英语里面没有万,所以一万等于10千,以此类推.

价格的英语单词 price

时间的价值Time passes very quickly. However, some students do not know the value of time, nor do they know how to make full use of the time, they waste time watching movies, playing games and some other boring things. Why do we go to school


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