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master 大师 elite 精英 sb be excel to 某人在某方面很精通,很优秀 mastery master的名词 精通 profession 职业 最直接的。god-like man 神一样的男人

Great God 谷歌翻译 Okami manito 百度翻译 个人觉得度娘较靠谱


Many doctors know the story of "Mr Wright".IN 1957 he was diagnosed with cancer,and given only days to live.He had tumours the size of oranges.He heard that scientists had discovered a new medication,Krebiozen,that was effectiv...

1-5 ADBAC 6-10 BCDBD 11-15 CBADB 16-20 ACDAB

Find a place inside where there's joy,and the joy will burn out the pain. Joseph Campbell 发现内心深处的想法就是个笑话,这个笑话带来了很对痛苦 发现内心深处的快乐,这快乐可以治愈痛苦 发掘心中可以带走痛苦的欢乐。 找到内心深处能够...

1 in -> at ( be good at 擅长于…… 2 in -> on 3 to -> about 4 on -> in 5 at -> on 6 on -> in 7 at -> on 8 on -> with 9 in -> on 10 on ->in /during 分析: 后面(->) 的一个是正确答案

不能改为 an ----- 因为“地铁”是 I 坐过的那趟“地铁”---- 所以要“特指”----- 用 the

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