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With the rapid development of society, we have entered an era of information explosion. In order to acquire more knowledge, more and more people decide to further their study abroad. Studying abroad brings about many advantages. It widen

A: You have the study abroad idea? B: Has not had, you? A: Oh, I must prepare now to go abroad to study. B: Very good. Was only you walks me to be able to think you. A: Then we correspond. B: Good. Must leave has not very given up. A: I also am.

通常小孩的面签率很低.不同于成年人的面签看重英语能力,对于小孩,面签官更看重的是小孩过去了能否适应美国的生活和学习,会不会因为想家而半途而废. 小孩相对于成人,对语言有更强的适应能力,语言不会成为他们留美的问题.同时

A:What do you think of studying abroad?B:I think the education in foreign is better.C:And we can practice our foreign languages.D:But ,don't you think the universities in domestic is great too?If we go out easily,we might get a home shock and have a big pressure.

经典的4句A:hello ,B 1分钟B:hello,how are u 1分钟C:Fine,what about you 1分钟D:Both A and me is fine .1分钟

A:hi,i'm thinking of going abroad to study.B:wow,where do you want to go?A:USA.B:wow,why?A:i think i have a good environment to practise my English.B:what's more,i think their education system is more perfect.A:you are right.B:ok,i wait for you to come back.see you!

Hi How are you doing?Are you going for holiday shopping?

除了钱和心里准备就没什么特别准备的了 准备太多东西很烦 而且没什么卵用

.Can you tell me something about your self /Can you introduce yourself 中文:你可以告诉我关于你自己的一些信息吗?/你可以向我介绍一下你自己吗?My name is__,中文:我的名字是I am__years old.中文:我*岁了.I

A: Hey man! How is your going these days?B: Hello buddy! Never better, I got an offer from LSE yesterday.C: WWWWTF?! You guy sucks! How can u ?!A: It is said that the more idiotic he is, the more luck he got.C: OMG!balabalabala打字好累

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